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RIBFEST is back for 2018!

About Us

Ribcaged’s aim is to promote Lancashire’s actors, writers, new plays and new ideas be recognised as some of the countries best and (in our part) create exciting powerful dynamic theatre productions.

Our wider vision is to help develop creativity in Lancashire. In doing so we hope to change the face of British theatre to become more sustainable, linked within the local community and develop a new model for delivery whilst encouraging a new generation of Lancashire performers and writers.To achieve this our work is now split into a number of areas: Ribcaged Productions, which continues as our award winning professional theatre company, touring our exciting work and developing creative projects.


We also develop links and projects within the community, including RIBFEST- a music & arts festival promoting talented emerging artists and ACTivate, which is an NHS/CCG funded, fitness programme for older people using drama and physical theatre.


We have also created the Lancashire Theatre Workshop to encourage the development of inspiring theatre, from our studio in Clitheroe. We offer training to teach people skills to be creative and confident, working both in and out of School, through our ‘Theatre Company in Residence’ partnerships and our Youth Theatres and we use the arts to promote a healthy lifestyle. This may lead people into performing arts or into another career all together but they will do so with a creative spirit. Ribcaged work with all ages from Nursery through to Older people.


We particularly want to celebrate diversity and encourage unrepresented groups - such as working class actors and BAME communities to create new work. We also run Lancashire Theatre Network which helps to connect the regions artists and promotes their work through a website/online forum.

Our Team


Artistic Director/CEO Owen Phillips

Creative Director Keith Flood

Creative Director Bonnie-Anne Leak

Head of HR & Admin Deborah Groves