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RIBFEST is back for 2018!


            RIBFEST TICKETS 
              Welcome to RIBFEST 2018!

​​​​​​​Now in it's third year, this annual week-long event celebrates all kinds of music and performing arts in the beautiful Ribble Valley village of Ribchester. The programme for the festival is set out on this website and we hope that you will find there is something for everyone to enjoy - including lively gigs, more formal music concerts, theatre, interesting talks and other family events. Ribchester is a special place known for its generosity,  warmth and community spirit.  RIBFEST celebrates and acknowledge this with a week of fun and excitement. Our aim is to showcase the best local and Lancashire talent in a wonderful rural setting.

RIBFEST brings together different generations, organisations and communities in Ribchester, to share in enjoyment of music and arts and to inspire young people to become active citizens.  Through RIBFEST, young people will be recruited and encouraged to actively participate. They will learn from experienced volunteers and performers, they will actively promote events and have opportunities to perform within the festival. Join us in whatever capacity you wish and enjoy!